Think, speak and make yourself heard

In a first series of blog posts I will discuss my own sartorial journey. Patience, thinking and a lot of lecture have been my part. When you decide to make a style-switch to better showcase your personality, you should not go unnoticed. Let me take you along in my search and discover how I have created my own style.

To Pierre and Michèle Degand.
Thank you for your support and inspiration.

Men are very hard to dress, especially if they know what they want. That’s a fact. We appear to have no plan B when it comes to our wardrobe. An idea that is imprinted in our heads, often takes the form of an ‘idée fixe’.

True men’s tailors have become scarce. I find that particularly the know-how and patience, both of which required to dress men properly, are lacking in many men’s clothing stores. Modern men are looking for a clothing store that can win their trust and that can preferably offer them everything to complete their wardrobe. Often this is searching for a needle in a haystack.

Consequently, many seem to have given up and have decided to surrender themselves to mass consumption and dress according to what some confectionary giants are prescribing. Fashion and style seem to have become a far-off show.  “Because it’s fashionable.”, is the answer that you get when you ask people “Why are you wearing those pants?” Or “Why do you wear that shirt?”.  Have we become herd animals, also in the way we dress?

Fashion is a matter of personality; in fact, it comes down to finding something that makes us feel good. Style and personality should complement each other. Time to continue the search for the right tailor or clothing store and create a symbiosis between our clothing style and personality! Go ahead, gentlemen! Find yourselves what you want to wear and decide how to look like it!

But as has been said, good clothing stores are rare, at least those shops that can give us what we deserve: a good advice, a flawless service and, of course: the perfect outfit! Personally, it was not until I had visited the famous La Maison Degand, that I found such a place.IMG_3878 Located in a fabulous master house on the Brussels’ Champs Elysée: the Avenue Louise, they are offering the full range: clothing (formal to sporty), accessories, lovely gadgets, perfumes and shoes.

Their service level and advice are unmatched: for Pierre Degand, fashion is more than putting the right item at the right person. He is passionate, knows all his customers personally and knows what they want. He is one of those rare people with an immense human knowledge that has the finesse to feel what his customers need. It is not just about clothing or appearance; it is about putting the personality of the customer on a pedestal. I found in Pierre and Michèle Degand the perfect allies to define a style that accentuates my personality.

I find it essential when you want to develop your own style, that you are true to yourself and that you see which style fits your personality. Get yourself inspired by the trends of the moment, but don’t go too far: stay true to your own style. Go for a tailor or clothing store that puts you at the center, and make sure that your tailor listens to your story and takes the time to advise you. It all comes down to making that effort to get to know your personality. This band of trust between you and your tailor (or clothing consultant), will pay off. Whoever keeps these three opinions in mind will make the outside look as beautiful as the inside, and after all that’s what true elegance is about!

Keep your standards high!