Simplicity will serve you well: tribute to the knitted tie

There are as many ties as there are men: they come in all sizes, colors and materials. There is something for everyone. It takes guts to experiment with materials and colors, but go for it: choose the right fabric for the occasion and be aware of the color codes.

For quite some time now I have been regularly choosing for a knitted tie. You will find them in different fabrics: cashmere, wool or silk, which make them very versatile. In a dark color, preferably in the same color as the suit, it gives an incredibly chic look. I often use this combination to attend more formal occasions, from receptions to business talks. It’s always stylish and elegant.fullsizerender2

If you prefer to get started with contrasting colors, it shows that you have guts. Just be considerate to never lose the intended sophistication. Keep the correct color codes in mind and make sure not to combine too many colors. Elegance still lies in simplicity.

To the cautious but fashion-conscious man, the knitted tie could seem old-fashioned. Nothing is less true! The shape can also deter some: almost all are finished with a straight bottom. Just make sure the bottom of your tie touches the top of your belt and you will have the perfect tie length.

The knitted tie does not only come in one single color; you can blend a variety of colors, which will make your tie perfectly match the color of your suit and shirt.  Or you could give it a personal touch if you like: a good tailor will be able to discreetly embroider your initials or a personal symbol on it. Personalized accessories just add that extra bit satisfaction. Refinement at the top!

To conclude: contrasting or matching, because of its texture, the knitted tie is always subtle. It tells a lot about your sense of elegance and sophistication. With blinking silk ties, you quickly wake up the idea that you want to distract the attention of something else or that you just want to be noticed. So, keep the bling bling for special occasions, where they are more in place. For the day-to-day activities, a true gentleman chooses for simplicity. After all, simplicity is the best policy.

Keep your standards high!