Pick your color!

Combining colors is a difficult task for most of us. Many men therefore consciously choose a sober tie, assorted with the jacket or costume that they wear. However, we are won for color! A bright tie, a matching pocket square: it colors your outfit and before you know it, you’re just telling that little bit more about yourself without having to say anything. Below is an overview of some common colors and their meanings.

Let’s start with the brightest color: red. It is the color of life and love, but at the same time also of anger. No color has as many different meanings as red. It is therefore logical that many people are jammed with this color in their wardrobe. Nevertheless, a red accent in your clothes is not a style blunder. In subtle nuances, it emphasizes passion, strong will and endurance. However, choose the moment you wear it carefully: to some people this color may be aggressive, stubborn or dominant. Therefore, do not wear red on a first date or to the interview for that job you are really excited about.

For those who want to show happiness, optimism and intelligence in their clothes, yellow is the ideal choice. Just consider that, in color symbolism, it’s a color that is very culturally defined. A yellow tie at a meeting with Japanese business partners will certainly not be appropriate because in Japan yellow is associated with the emperor. As always it is important to wear the right color to the right occasion. Up to the gentleman to showcase his refinement.

Pink is a color that is often avoided by men. However, this color creates a lot of possibilities for making a fashion statement. It emphasizes the gentleman’s natural charm. People who wear this color emphasize their soft side. This is perhaps the reason why most men prefer not to see this color in their wardrobe. But guys, relax: we are not suggesting a pink suit. Accessories in this color can definitely make the difference. Pink does not just emphasize our soft side, it also shows that those who wear it are self-confident, direct and can be very convincing.

Balanced and harmonious men choose green. This color inspires, refers to inner growth and development. Men carrying green know that people are continuously developing and they are in perfect harmony with their own development. Green also emphasizes wisdom, creativity, diplomacy and tact. In short: green is no color for rookies.

No masculine wardrobe without blue… and to be clear: nothing wrong with that. Blue is generally a passe-partout and it radiates much more class than the black that many men choose at the wrong moments. Only for an extremely formal occasion (the so-called black or white tie events) or at a funeral black is in place.  All other times it is an absolute faux-pas. Blue however, has a timeless chic and combines with a lot of colors, allowing infinite combinations. Blue should undoubtedly be one of the basic colors in your wardrobe. This color makes much more than combining with many other colors: it radiates confidence and calm, it also suggests sophistication, stability and perseverance to those who wear it.

It is advisable to handle color with care. It’s not just a matter of the right color at the right time. Once again, it is important to tailor the color use in your outfit to your personality and to take into account your physical properties (hair color, facial color, …). Therefore, getting color advice from your tailor is not an unnecessary luxury. He will be happy to tell you what color suits you better, and so we come again to the fact that a good tailor is essential for every gentleman.

Keep your standards high!