Touring the Low Countries

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Anyone looking for a reference of male style and elegance, would, by definition, not search for it in the Low Countries. All concepts, among which: dandy, sartorial and sprezzatura, are originated in other areas, that are better known for their history in men’s clothing. Paris, London and the Italian cities of Naples and Rome are at the top of classic men’s fashion, whether or not with a contemporary twist.

Nevertheless, Flanders was once the center of the Western European textile industry, and tailors from northern Italy came here in the sixteenth and seventeenth century to offer their merchandise to its wealthy citizen. There has always been a certain interest in fashion. Not that long ago, in the late 1980’s, the breakthrough of the Antwerp Six put Antwerp in the spotlights again as a notable location for fashion design. But it was hardly possible to hold on to the regained fame. Meanwhile, Belgian couturier Edouard Vermeulen from Natan is called the ‘king of queens’ as he is known for dressing members of several royal families, and the Dutch Jan Taminiau is an established value in the wardrobe of, among others, Queen Maxima. But, when it comes to classic men’s fashion, not much seems to happen. Or maybe we missed something…

That is why we, at Rebel de Bruxel, decided that it is time to map the quality houses in the Low Countries. Based on some well-considered criteria, such as: impeccable service, quality labels and unlimited know-how. We are looking for both retailers and tailors, or those offering a combination of both, that are dressing the fashionable Belgian or Dutchman.

And so we leave our familiar home base, Brussels, and we expand our look towards the north. We aim to become a stylish guide in our Low Countries, as we work to offer a platform to Belgian and Dutch retailers who share the philosophy of Rebel de Bruxel. The conclusion should be that men in the Low Countries are equally elegant and stylish, and able to interpret Italian, French and English fashion rules in their own way. With an open mind towards the globalized world in which we are living, we take pride in our own, local, values, rather than blindly following what we consider to be the trendsetters in men’s fashion. Let yourselves be inspired and follow us on our Sartorial Tour throughout the Low Countries.